Think of the typical banner exchange as “one giant swapping game”. Website owners find sites that offer similar products to their own and increase their traffic by swapping banners. Credits are earned from the exchange every time you show someone else’s banner on your site. The more credits you earn, the more your banner is shown on other websites.

You’ll determine what types of sites show your banner and which kinds of banners you show on your site.

This way :
1) inappropriate banners are NOT shown on your site
2) you get the “biggest bang for your buck” by targeting your market. Your banners are shown to the audiences that value your offer and aremost likely to react favorably to it.

It’s good to know which banners work and which ones don’t, so before joining an exchange it’s probably a good idea to find one that allows you to compare multiple banners side-by-side.(Don’t worry if you don’t have a banner. The better banner exchanges should provide free banners for you. There are also a variety of free sites out there, where you can easily make your own). A good exchange should also show you how many times each banner has been shown and the number of “click-throughs” each banner has received.Knowing this allows you to keep the banners that work and swap those that aren’t “pulling” with new ones.The more people exposed to your banner, the more traffic you will get. Pick an exchange with a large number of members.

Sounds great! So why shouldn’t I join an exchange? The downside is small.

Out of a hundred people who see a banner, typically only one person will click on it and be carried away from your site.And, honestly, if a person doesn’t act by the time she gets to the bottom of your webpage, you are losing only a poor prospect anyway.

So how can I get guaranteed traffic?

Getting your banner on thousands of websites is great, but owning your own banner exchange is even better! If one person inserts a banner into your exchange, then your strip banner is attached to that single banner and that single banner, with its sales message, shows up on all the thousands of sites in the entire system in rotation. Your traffic will go up, slowly.When the next person inserts a banner into your exchange, that sales message will go into the system — and so will your strip banner with its message. Now you have TWO people carrying your message onto all the sites in the system.

See how this works?

The more people you get to insert into your free banner exchange, the faster you get to guaranteed traffic growth and the solution to your traffic problem forever. You’ll reach this point once 200 people have inserted their banner into your exchange.

How can you get these 200 people? Lots of ways.
– FFA sites
– ad swaps with ezines
– opt-in lists
– put your banner exchange information in all your advertising and in everything you mail. It gets even better.

Webmasters pay significant amounts of money for advertising space on sites offering a free service, especially a free “traffic-generating” service at that. Some banner exchanges allow you to sell this advertising space. You can also sometimes sell side links, button banners, ads in the main body, and even the “strip” banner if you really want. You’ll soon find that the banner exchange literally pays for itself over and over again! The bottom line is that banner exchanges are here to stay as they provide a very easy way to get traffic. And, if you actually own one, you’ll never have to worry about traffic again!